lay low like a lion

Last weekend D's mother visited and we went to the zoo where we met a lion that reminded us alot of Rufus! ▶ Tara: Thank you for your sweet comment!
▶ Millo: I lige måde! håber sgu det ender godt
▶ lucyhearn: Oh thats so wonderful to hear! I mean thats really the whole reason to post it at all!
▶ Irene: It's crazy so much good tools mean to me!
▶ B: Er det ham den lækre?
▶ Sarah: Jeg har godt overvejet det.. hvordan søren kommer man dem i forkøbet...
▶ Fine little day: Thank you Elisabeth! -means a lot especially coming from you!


Bantik said...

I would never think that wild animals sleep like this too!!! amazing!

Tihana said...

Hi Mette, I've been lurking at your blog for a while now and I just have to say that it's so inspiring! You make me want to do things with my hands, things for my home and now I find myself constantly brainstorming what I could change in my place, or make prettier:)

And of course Elinor is the cutest baby alive!! When I look at all your projects and home ideas I always admire their coolness and visual design and than I see Elinor and I think the same about her, well it sounds weird but you know what I mean, she's just so unique :D

By the way, how did you learn to sew?

Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia!

B said...

Nemlig, det er ham, han kom desværre ikke ind, men vi VANDT, armene kan slet ikke komme ned;) dejlige billeder, kommer snart på besøg.

jokemijn said...

:D oh, at first i thought it WAS rufus. But now i see he's slightly bigger.