Here is a glimpse of the outside - and our new livingroom which is so bright and light -centered around the window. Thursday is the general election in Denmark -Har du bestemt dig for hvad du vil stemme?


rva Reipas said...

Looks very nice!

B said...

Jeg glæder mig rigtig meget til at stemme liste A, Jens Joel:) og håber bare de røde vinder:)

Sarah Carlson said...

Super sejt sommer-projekt! Den idé kunne jeg godt se i produktion et sted. Pas på IKEA ikke snupper den fra dig;O)

tara (from brasil) said...

hey mette, its been a while since a write here, but all this time i have been watching your blog. I think you are a great person, you act. I like very much your solluction for your room problem's, its a way to encourege people. I just love your blog!!!And your ideas for live and living.
You are great!!!
Kiss from brasil!!!!
ps. elinor is the cutest baby in the world!!!!

millo said...

go Helle! og Johanne ;-) god valgdag!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing idea!
I am trying to figure out similar problems with our living space. My daughter is about the same age as your Elinor, and we need to change the way our home works too! Very inspiring!
X lucy