1: the sofa all done
2: coffee that saves my day - every day
3: E's favourite thing these days is to tuck her toys in, put them on a pillow and cover them with a blanket. ▶ Irene: I love it too because the animals always truly amaze me
▶ Sian: ha ha- what a crazy experience!
▶ Leanne: It's always more fun to be at the zoo with other people your size
▶ Nina: Thank you!
▶ Mieke Willems: She is SO big! not. a. baby. any. more.
▶ Sofia: Thank you so much! just what I hoped to do!
▶ Pop Tart: Du ved hvordan hun er med fashion
▶ Veja cecilia: Thank you!
▶ Louise: And so almost unreal!
▶ naomemandeflores: How Cool! I was saying at the zoo that I wanted one as a pet
▶ Alicia: Thank you, though I think I need to give it some love or it will die soon


Stine said...

Cute panda and I love Elinor's shoes, they look very comfortable!

Jayne said...

How adorable :) Kids have the cutest little rituals. And I love the minny purple shoes :D

Irene said...

Good morning! I'm a coffee addict, too - I cannot imagine a life without coffee :) Btw: I love the last picture and Elinor's shoes have a beautiful color!

AC said...

the colors of your home are great! always so cheerful! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your sofa is great. I love the last picture:)

Anonymous said...

your blog is soooo cool!

Iris said...

That sofa is great! I love the colors and simplicity.

linn said...

aaw, gulliga E!

Tihana said...

Love the colors of the sofa!

Lisen said...

LOVE the sofa! sofas that can be a bed = the best furniture. The colours are great too!! Or hey, I must say - a bed that is a house is almost even better! ;))) the little table on wheels is also nice!

Anki said...

You did a good job on the sofa, I like it! And the table too. Elinor and her toys are so sweet...

an-magritt said...

Hei du vakre!

Takk for at jeg fikk låne bilder av deg. Elsker bloggen din. Jeg gleder meg til å ta et dypdykk ned i den, og bla meg bakover. Og jeg gleder meg til å følge deg videre.

Her er hva jeg skrev:


Klemmer i massevis fra an-magritt

Manuela - "Mrs Hardy" said...

For en flott blogg du har!
Fant deg gjennom an-magritt :)

Karen said...

Hvor er det dejligt at se en blog som indeholder mere end "dagens billeder" og billeder fra div. runways.
Jeg ville dog ønske at din blog var opbygget mere overskueligt. Det tog mig lidt tid af finde kommentarfeltet ;)

Fed stil ;)


Anonymous said...

Tak for en inspirerende blog!!
Her et link til en cool webshop med strikket tøj - et must for en entutiast:)


Maja said...

Jeg er vild med stoffet på puderne - hvor har du købt det? LÆKKER BLOG! /Maja