We have been celebrating D's birthday since thursday -with first a classic birthday where the birthday boy gets to decide everything we do and everything we eat -I made homemade bearnaise for the very first time! + it was a success! I'm very proud. Then we went to Malmö just the two of us this weekend and finally we had family over sunday! Can you believe that wednesday is E's birthday and we will be having birthday guests over next weekend? October/november is a crazy time. This is a few snapshots from the past days -I will try to bring you more, but our internet is out, so nothing is certain



Food - can't get enough.



Almost forgot that i promised you a sneak peak of more presents! From the top, A new Bialetti Brikka -I use this every single day, the Mini Market boots -good enough to be shown again. I actually think I have worn them every day since my birthday! From my parents me and D got this painting my father did. It's done from a photo of Marc and Bella Chagall -this is a quote from Marc about the first time he saw Bella: “Her pale coloring, her eyes, how big and round and black they are! They are my eyes, my soul…I know this is she, my wife”. And finally a beautiful porcelain mushroom. Tomorrow is D's birthday! ▶ Malene: Tak! -og ja, jeg var ret forvirret over den gåtur vi var ude på for at finde Mini Marked
▶ Sofie: I know. I was search for winter boots and found these without knowing the brand -was so surprised to see that they even master a practical winter boot!
▶ Pop Tart: Det kan jeg lidt godt lide, at du ved det.
▶ Ditte: Det er så svært med vinterstøvler! et andet godt bud er forede Dr. Martens.
▶ Magalerie: Oh how cool - how great that I chose your contribution!
▶ Jusine: Late is good - You are the only one wishing me happy birthday now



Aaand just a little more birthday - cos I haven't shown you any presents yet! -Maybe because they came distributed over the week following my birthday, Maybe because they are so amazing I needed to hold off a little bit :)
1: D took me to this little, closed mini market close by and gave me a handfull of money - so that I could buy the winter boots I recently fallen deeply in love with from my all time favourite, mini market. I have been searching like crazy for WARM winter boots to keep my feet happy through these ice winters we have had lately and could not believe my 'luck' when I found this pair. So classic and simple and warm -and mini market! -I will show you the rest tomorrow. ▶ Ida: Det er en del af konceptet her i huset: Det gode ved fødselsdage er al den gode mad og slik man kan spise i ugen efter!
▶ Fenke: We celebrate D and E at the same time - that way it does not get all kids crazy which I think is good.
▶ Ditte: Enig!
▶ AvMeg: Er ikke god til angrebs-spil -er ikke god til særligt mange spil ;)
▶ Rachel: Thank you


still on the same tune

The day after my birthday I had good friends over for brunch + cake + pizza and beers. Oh yeah, and Monopoly. We played at the end of the evening and what I found was: It's a fun game for about 15 minutes and then somebody gains the upperhand and the rest suffer for the longest time. Now we are starting to plan D and E's birthdays that are coming up in the next two weeks! Fall = Birthday cake overload! ▶ Lea: Tak, søde nabo!
▶ Amanda: hi hi - had a hunch that svensk pølseret was probably a pretty danish thing :)
▶ Sigga: åh kan slet ikke holde ud hvor lang tid der er til min fødselsdag nu!
▶ I'm Polly: Why thank you very much
▶ Catarina: Thank you!
▶ Nina: Oh it was
▶ Svanna: Love their packages - but love their coffee eeeeven more!
▶ Luyi: Thank you so much - good to hear from you again!
▶ Irene: Birthdaywishes are good all year long!
▶ Amy: me too
▶ Camille: Thank you very much for linking
▶ Linnea: You are very welcome!



More birthday! Thank you for all the birthday greetings! I had a wonderful day (followed by a busy week and a few days with a weird mix of sore throat and migraine + visit from my parents :))

My birthday was pretty much about food: delicious brunch in bed, sandwiches and coffee for lunch and for dinner: Caprese and red wine and olives while cooking, seared ahi tuna with lime, fresh basil and mint, mushroom risotto with fancy bacon and delicious strawberry cake w. raspberry mousse and the best cup of coffee I have ever had;

 My birthday present to myself was a bag of Kieni Espresso from Coffee Collective and I have never tasted anything like it before!

 -oh, and the layer cake from last post was raspberry mousse (creme, raspberries and egg yolks) and chocolate/coffee mousse (chocolate, coffee, egg yolks and creme)

Bon Appétit

B is for Birthday

Saturday was my birthday. 28 years old! Most important ingredients for this birthday weekend was lots and lots of good food and the best of friends! Hope you guys had a good weekend too - come by and have a piece of cake


Svensk Pølseret

This dish is called Swedish Sausage dish :) I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone and make something other than risotto, pizza and pasta dishes ▶ Tiffany: She sure is - I'm gonna try to collect photos of her collection
▶ Irene: She has one of the most imaginative minds I know
▶ Handmade Romance: I know -I was in school when D sent me the photo and it gave me a Big smile too!
▶ Fenke: I found this one on ebay! In the local second hand store its hard to find tresures like this
▶ Rebecca: Yeah me too -wish I could wear knitted shoes
▶ Melly: :)
▶ Sasha: ha ha -I hope you had fun with the archives!
▶ Ella: I love the smile and the look in her eyes
▶ Anna Maria: I'm getting hungry visiting my own blog
▶ Jayne: It was such a good find - Dupont and Dupond are running on the back
▶ Pop Tart: Ja, det gør jeg også -mindst


sweetie pies

1: Elinor finally fits the sweater we bought for her birthday last year (D took this photo -im not good at giving him his photo credits)
2: last week and all weekend Copenhagen was hit by a late spell of summer. We of course spent it at the old cemetery.
3: I'm baking a lot of no-knead bread - then I grill it on a pan and fill it with Parmigiano-Reggiano and tomatoes. ▶ Ingrid: Oh thank you so much for commenting and letting me know!
▶ Irene: It is a very very nice book that Elinor is reading indeed! by the fantastic Lisen Adbåge of course!
▶ Stine: Hver gang solen rammer hendes hår på den måde får jeg lyst til at hente kameraet
▶ B: Det bliver dejligt at få besøg -ved Elinor vil glæde sig
▶ Inger Marie: Elinor har arvet de fine hjemmesko! Det er måske de fineste sko hun har :)
▶ Lisen: Juhhu I hoped you would notice! She loves looking in it -and pointing at the cat in the grass and saying "nijau" + yeah you are so right, you have to grab the little pieces of everyday in between all the special occasions -some times I wish I could just skip some of them


this and that

Things really seem to be in a rhythm right now - everyday rhythm. Thats a good thing but you have to remember to notice. ▶ Lisen: :)
▶ Saga: ha ha - I always forget to check whats in the background
▶ Malene: Det er både ondt og godt!
▶ Steph.: I know -I looked at them before too and was so lucky to find them at half price!
▶ Alma: Thank you!
▶ Mei: I actually got two of them off Tatty Devines website though I'm not sure they still sell them!
▶ Sarah: I know -have to get new shoes for the new blog design
▶ Stine: Yep
▶ Felicia: Det er svært at modstå, men ofte syr jeg selv, når jeg ser noget dyrt
▶ Enigheid: I know -shopping at half price is a skill too
▶ Tihana: I can't wait to see their next collection if they got something just as perfect
▶ Melly: D got them for my birthday last year!
▶ Amy: The only problem with suede is that it does not go well with the danish weather
▶ BawkBawk: They are from last year, so it could be difficult
▶ Handmade romance: and they are fairly comfortable too
▶ Hello Sandwich: I love what the colors do for an outfit
▶ Johanna Tagada: I know -its better for my economy when I just keep my eyes shot
▶ Gracia: Ha ha -thank you for supporting me :)