More birthday! Thank you for all the birthday greetings! I had a wonderful day (followed by a busy week and a few days with a weird mix of sore throat and migraine + visit from my parents :))

My birthday was pretty much about food: delicious brunch in bed, sandwiches and coffee for lunch and for dinner: Caprese and red wine and olives while cooking, seared ahi tuna with lime, fresh basil and mint, mushroom risotto with fancy bacon and delicious strawberry cake w. raspberry mousse and the best cup of coffee I have ever had;

 My birthday present to myself was a bag of Kieni Espresso from Coffee Collective and I have never tasted anything like it before!

 -oh, and the layer cake from last post was raspberry mousse (creme, raspberries and egg yolks) and chocolate/coffee mousse (chocolate, coffee, egg yolks and creme)

Bon Appétit


lea said...

Det ser mega lækkert ud! et forsinket tillykke med fødselsdagen søde nabo!

Sigga said...

Tillykke med fødselsdagen, det ser fantastisk ud. Glæder mig helt til jeg selv har fødselsdag om alt for lang tid.

Anonymous said...

late happy birthday!
i love the last two photos.

Nina/littleperky said...

Wonderful food!

Svanna said...

Mouthwatering + scrumptious = Mettes birthday:-)

I dount drink coffee, but oh how I like the smell and not to mention the look of Coffee Collectives package!

luyi said...

happy birthday!!

love your blog!

amy w - over and under said...

Making me hungry, happy birthday!

Camille said...

I do love your blog !!!
So, you are in my links, on my own blog ;)
Look at my illustrations if you have the time

isabelllllle said...

WOW i am in love with your blog and go figure — my birthday was Saturday too! :) Happy belated birthday!!

mikstejp said...

wow love the photos, and that strawberry so craving it right now! :)