still on the same tune

The day after my birthday I had good friends over for brunch + cake + pizza and beers. Oh yeah, and Monopoly. We played at the end of the evening and what I found was: It's a fun game for about 15 minutes and then somebody gains the upperhand and the rest suffer for the longest time. Now we are starting to plan D and E's birthdays that are coming up in the next two weeks! Fall = Birthday cake overload! ▶ Lea: Tak, søde nabo!
▶ Amanda: hi hi - had a hunch that svensk pølseret was probably a pretty danish thing :)
▶ Sigga: åh kan slet ikke holde ud hvor lang tid der er til min fødselsdag nu!
▶ I'm Polly: Why thank you very much
▶ Catarina: Thank you!
▶ Nina: Oh it was
▶ Svanna: Love their packages - but love their coffee eeeeven more!
▶ Luyi: Thank you so much - good to hear from you again!
▶ Irene: Birthdaywishes are good all year long!
▶ Amy: me too
▶ Camille: Thank you very much for linking
▶ Linnea: You are very welcome!


Ida said...

Du har grebet om at fejre både fødselsdag og efterfødselsdag. Restegilde er det bedste!

Fenke said...

yeah! we also have some birthday planning to do... noas first!! i am really excited, but forcing myself to keep it simple. see how that goes.

Ditte said...

Men fødselsdage (og de dertilhørende gilder) er altså virkelig dejlige, så det lyder ikke som det værste!

AvMeg said...

Tips: Monopol bør byttes ut med Risk. Fantastisk gøy spill. Det er nervepirrende helt til slutt! Det eneste dumme er at jeg har sett par som aldri krangler, hisse seg opp og nesten gå fra hverandre fordi han angrep (i spillet altså) henne.

Rachel said...