Svensk Pølseret

This dish is called Swedish Sausage dish :) I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone and make something other than risotto, pizza and pasta dishes ▶ Tiffany: She sure is - I'm gonna try to collect photos of her collection
▶ Irene: She has one of the most imaginative minds I know
▶ Handmade Romance: I know -I was in school when D sent me the photo and it gave me a Big smile too!
▶ Fenke: I found this one on ebay! In the local second hand store its hard to find tresures like this
▶ Rebecca: Yeah me too -wish I could wear knitted shoes
▶ Melly: :)
▶ Sasha: ha ha -I hope you had fun with the archives!
▶ Ella: I love the smile and the look in her eyes
▶ Anna Maria: I'm getting hungry visiting my own blog
▶ Jayne: It was such a good find - Dupont and Dupond are running on the back
▶ Pop Tart: Ja, det gør jeg også -mindst


Mr. Kristiansson said...


H said...

Jag som tänkte "å vad gott med dansk pölse" när jag såg maten! :)

Anonymous said...

This looks great! Sausage from other countries always looks different from sausage in the U.S.A.

PROVINS said...

SÅ NU er det din fødselsdag!!!
Håber du sover dejligt trygt og du får dejlig kaffe/kage på sengen i morgen!!

maria libert said...

Fina färger!! Svensk korvgryta? Korven ser dansk ut dock (på ett bra sätt).

Ann said...

Looks yummy!

Amanda said...

I love how people in DK always refers to svensk pølseret when they tell me "you must feel at home" or something similar, although something is rather off because we don't have a dish remotely similar to that in Sweden.