Some less photographed corners of our apartment - the sunglass set up is new - found the only pretty nails at the hardware store! And the glow in the dark skeleton is a great scoop from the supermarked last year ▶ Madeleine: The wall takes on a life of its own
▶ Saga: ha ha -I guess its one of those universal human nature thing -seeing hats in the strangest places! 
▶ Elaina: We gave her the sweater for her birthday
▶ Irene: Glad you are still here
▶ Jodi: I have more to show :9
▶ Lina: Being two is a pretty adorable thing
▶ Camille: Yeah me to -its from Mini Rodini -my favorite childrens brand
▶ Jayne: Thank you! Sometimes I think I am not gonna make it -but I will, Just see a lot of all-nighters in the near future
▶ Anna: Thank you!



Turns out a photo shoot of a two year old is a lot harder than of a one year old! I think we did maybe three shoots to get the perfect birthday-photo and she would not sit sill :) ▶ Everyone: Thank you for all your sweet comments while I was internet-less! good to know you were still out there!
▶ Linn Maria: Tak!
▶ Frida: Hurra at du har savnet mig!
▶ With a playful mind: JA, det er så GODT
▶ Joy: You can look forward to a little Elinor overload with more birthday photoshoots
▶ Lisen: I missed you too!
▶ Stefanie: Thanks for sticking around
▶ Nonchalantgreen: It is a very easy thing to do! Key thing is to get different kinds of photos in different sizes
▶ Madeleine: Takk!


well, hello!

Well looks like I am online again! and was able to upload photos for the first time in a month! aahh -I missed you all so much (My unread count in google reader is crazy high). Time to get back to internetlife! I am very very busy with exams as always this time of year, but I am so hoping I can finally finish the fabled blog redesign!


random craziness

Here are some random photos from the archives since yes, you guessed it, I am still without internet :/ I am about to go a little crazy...



Still no internet, but I do manage to update my instagram pretty often - find me @ungtblod or follow at for example


No internet - no words


no internet

Still not internet at home - starting to get to me! Here are more snap shots: autumn, malmö, mumin, birthday presents and neon knit. My sister made a flash mob in a danish mall with a bunch of high school students -you can see it here If you are in Denmark you can see her band live all over the country -check the dates here


t w o

This pretty girl - who makes hats out of tupperware and read books about birthdays - is turning two today. I get super nostalgic, remembering how that day was two years ago and all that has happened since. sigh. I am pretty proud of her.


saturday, friday, sunday

In malmö we went to the park, we ate a good sandwich and walk through the fog. On the train to Malmö we ate a little ghost. Friday I had two girls and a photographer over and sunday I knitted neon. ▶ Johanna: It's all about the good food and the good thing is that it will spill over to the rest of the week!
▶ B: Tak! tak for al hjælpen og de fine gaver til E
▶ Sandra: Ha! he is pretty cute...
▶ Lisen: He is eating mini oreos at the zombi graveyard!
▶ Janna: Tak! hulen er fra My Childrens Gorilla, but I don't think they make it any more