Turns out a photo shoot of a two year old is a lot harder than of a one year old! I think we did maybe three shoots to get the perfect birthday-photo and she would not sit sill :) ▶ Everyone: Thank you for all your sweet comments while I was internet-less! good to know you were still out there!
▶ Linn Maria: Tak!
▶ Frida: Hurra at du har savnet mig!
▶ With a playful mind: JA, det er så GODT
▶ Joy: You can look forward to a little Elinor overload with more birthday photoshoots
▶ Lisen: I missed you too!
▶ Stefanie: Thanks for sticking around
▶ Nonchalantgreen: It is a very easy thing to do! Key thing is to get different kinds of photos in different sizes
▶ Madeleine: Takk!


Madeleine said...

det är så fint och sött att du svarar på kommentarerna i ett inlägg <3

Saga said...

Haha, love it! What is it with children (and adults for that matter, I do it all the time) and putting weird things on their heads pretending it's a hat? It's so funny!

Nice to have you back! :)

Elaina said...

Yay, so glad you are back! These photos are adorable! She always has the best outfits.

Jodi Ann said...

So cute! I love the photo shoot :)

lina said...

she is so adorable!! happy birthday elinor : )

Camille said...

She's is so cute !!! I love her jumper :)


Jayne said...

Oh but she's very photogenic :D Her jumper is so sweet, and I love the material fruit!

anna said...

what a lovely child. that hair!

j. said...

oh, vad gulligt.