a whole year - happy new years!

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The impossibility of capturing a whole year in 12 photographs. Happy new years everyone! Can't wait to share with you in 2012 as well!


gifts I

Elinor got a new breakfast bowl for Christmas - with Moomin. -We got a new table top - not for Christmas. My mother, who was also the supplier of the old one, got us this one for free. I'm not yet sure if I am in to the yellow, but it is practical and the old one is falling apart. Planning to buy one in black mdf that is slightly bigger than this one. Maybe. ▶ Whitney: I know -it is so much fun. But I find it really difficult in everyday cooking situations! too much stress.. But soon she can clean the vegetables and mix a salad
▶ Mendruga: You are right! its been too long since Rufus showed his face! must do a little photosession with him
▶ Carmen: Even with google translate I'm not sure what your comment said, but Happy new years to you!
▶ Nika van de Maan: Thank you so much
▶ Lina: Thank you -it is in german so I don't even know what it says -only what I said :)
▶ Anki: and the best to you



Earlier this december you could find an interview with me in Kleinformat magazine and our friends came over and baked cookies with Elinor, ate æbleskiver and drank glögg! ▶ Julie: hmm godt spørgsmål -jeg henter altid tusind apps som jeg aldrig bruger, men udover instagram er dette min top fem-syv-stykker: Osfoora for Twitter, TeuxDeux til huskesedler, Digits som lommeregner, PlainText til noter, Flipboard til facebook, rss mm., This american life til evig kvalitetsunderholdning -og så tester jeg Lemon, hvor man kan holde styr på sine kvitteringer og er ved at blive afhængig af Wordfeud
▶ Lise: Mega-godt tip! tak!
▶ Maria: Det er et stykke tid siden, jeg har boet på hostel i Berlin og når jeg gør, går jeg efter det billigste jeg kan finde :) Har boet et par gange på A & O backpackers som er ret billigt, men uden charme. Mit bedste tip er at se om man ikke kan opstøve en dansker et sted i ens netværk som har en lejlighed i Berlin man kan leje! Der er ret mange tomme danskerlejligheder dernede.
▶ Chapter 9: I had no idea I was so nostalgic before I realized they were gonna move for real.



Elinor made some of our Christmas presents this year. Wish I saved some for myself.



This was the last time christmas looked just like it has all of my childhood. Every year in the same house, in the same rooms, the same sofa where you sit and wait for Santa to come with the presents. Even the tree looks like it always has. This summer my parents are moving, and maybe because home means so much to me -the physical place you call home- It is difficult for me to come to terms with loosing my childhood home. On the other hand. Next year we will celebrate Christmas in our home. It is going to be different, but I know a lot of traditions can and will be translated from the giant house where I grew up to the very small place I call home now.


merry merry merry

Thank you for all the holiday greetings! I had a wonderful Christmas and soon its back to studying and working. Here are a few glimpses from my christmas - from instagram.


merry merry

Merry Christmas



This is pretty Christmasy - Elinor helped bake heart shaped cookies. ▶ Everyone: I knew you would appreciate that scarf :) I bought mine at what I think was a pop-up store in Malmö (Think it was at Davidhallsgatan). But it is from Lazy Oaf and you can get it here:


hot dogs!

When we were in Malmö a looong time ago I got myself a hotdog scarf! ▶ Tilda: You are too sweet
▶ Wsake: Yes! Im really happy with them -I actually would like more and make a little forest
▶ Emy: Glad to hear
▶ Mendruga: Thank you so much -Glad you like it here!
▶ Eloisa: You are right! Thanks for the link
▶ Katrine: Yeah I think they are very cool too - but I'm not sure Elinor cares how they look yet.


Christmas? What? Who?

I have almost not had any time for thoughts of Christmas -luckily it has not stressed me out and during the past two days I have done all my christmas shopping -and tomorrow our friends will come for Christmas-hang-out-and-eat-food-ect. The first picture is of my new advent-candle holders! well, three of them anyway -the fourth candle holder was sold out, so I bought a vase instead (its upside down in the picture). The two other photos are loveliness from the birthdays: Salt from Mallorca and crayons for Elinor. ▶ Everyone: Just wanted to let you know that you are all the best blogreaders in the world!