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I picked some favorites over at ArtRebels' webshop - And so did a lot of other good bloggers, so go check them out! The highlights of my day these days is pretty much coffee - that is not really true. afternoons with the kid and D are pretty good too, but without my own goood coffee I would not get through these exams and what feels like the longest days and nights! ▶ Lotte: Oh thank you for your sweet comments -I am glad you find it inspiring!
▶ Lise: Jeg strikkede grydelapperne af stof jeg selv har klippet! Man klipper en meget lang bane af stof i måske 2-3 cm bredde (hjørnerne når man når til enden af stofstykket er lidt svære at få pæne, men det ser man ikke til sidst) og strikker på store pinde. Intet mønster.
▶ Iris: Thank you!
▶ Vesle Serena: That is always what I hope for: That people will get their own ideas from what they see here. D and I are not always in agreement. We do like a lot of the same stuff, but he is a bit more minimal than I am :) So there are often negotiations going on
▶ Sewon: I am really happy how it turned out too
▶ Lisen: They are magnets on our fridge! I will show them another day!
▶ Irene: We have actually run out of space for new things ..until we find the next thing we can't live without
▶ B: Glæder mig til at høre om jobbet! Tillykke! tror ikke jeg kan tage så meget af æren for det ▶ I'm Polly: We have been looking for the right sunglass-solution for years! Sometimes I have though of just throwing them all out :)
▶ Sofie: It is a really great store! We have a lot of great stuff from there and you can always find a good gift
▶ Ajjabajjas: tak!!


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