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Elinor got a new breakfast bowl for Christmas - with Moomin. -We got a new table top - not for Christmas. My mother, who was also the supplier of the old one, got us this one for free. I'm not yet sure if I am in to the yellow, but it is practical and the old one is falling apart. Planning to buy one in black mdf that is slightly bigger than this one. Maybe. ▶ Whitney: I know -it is so much fun. But I find it really difficult in everyday cooking situations! too much stress.. But soon she can clean the vegetables and mix a salad
▶ Mendruga: You are right! its been too long since Rufus showed his face! must do a little photosession with him
▶ Carmen: Even with google translate I'm not sure what your comment said, but Happy new years to you!
▶ Nika van de Maan: Thank you so much
▶ Lina: Thank you -it is in german so I don't even know what it says -only what I said :)
▶ Anki: and the best to you


Anonymous said...

Jeg håber, du får det her at vide meget ofte: Elinor er helt forrygende sød.

Linn Maria said...

She is so sweet, your little red panda :) And I love the bowl. I got another Moomin cup from my sister for Christmas, my collection is growing!

H said...

I really like those Moomin - bowls and cups! Especially the black and white ones. And that kid is so frikkin cute!

SpdZ said...

First of all I want to say: I like your blog very much.
And second: I think the yellow table is very cool! (love yellow)
Greetings from Holland :)

niki said...

congratulations to the sponsor of the table, this is much better than old :)

Malina said...

Hei, I read in anothet post that you don´t know what the text means and I thought you´d maybe like to know. :)

The first page sais:

How is Elinor living in Copenhagen?
In a triangular blogworld. Her mother runs one of the coolest blogs: ungtblod - danish for young blood.

The rest is too small for me to read. :)

Greetings, Malina

Malina said...

Well, it´s actually this entry. However... :)
The text on the other page describes the furnishing I guess.

emma said...

nice colour i think. keep it. goes so well together with your daughters hair and... purple. (: eat purple food and enjoy! you eat with your eyes ... ;)