hot dogs!

When we were in Malmö a looong time ago I got myself a hotdog scarf! ▶ Tilda: You are too sweet
▶ Wsake: Yes! Im really happy with them -I actually would like more and make a little forest
▶ Emy: Glad to hear
▶ Mendruga: Thank you so much -Glad you like it here!
▶ Eloisa: You are right! Thanks for the link
▶ Katrine: Yeah I think they are very cool too - but I'm not sure Elinor cares how they look yet.


Anonymous said...

Cool and funny. I've never seen such before. :) I wish you a Merry Christmas.
Greetings allesistgut :)

Emma Busk said...

Where?? Love it!! :) :)

Tiger said...

OMG! Lovely!

monster cakes said...

Words cannot express my love for hot dogs. Where did you get this gem?!

Madeleine said...

i love it! where can i buy this scarf?