I follow to Christmas calendars this december: The tv-calendar Nissebanden i Grønland from my childhood that I watch with Elinor -she likes the dogs, the snow and the 'Nisser' + Hanna Konola's Joulukalenteri that has become a fantastic internet-tradition for me! ▶ Riitta Sinikka: Thank you! lots of good stuff over there!
▶ Melly: !!
▶ Lina, trixi, Kaylovesvintage, allesistgut, Camille: I was so happy to find it -had to share
▶ J.: yeah, she is cool
▶ Gracia: Very well put! there is something illusive about them!
▶ Linda: Bladet på billet er et Kinesisk magasin 'Little Things' - havde besøg af en journalist der fra for lidt tid siden
▶ Lisen: Ja! du har ret!


Hanna Päivikki said...

mette! so happy to hear it as a tradition for you! i had doubts wether i'm going to do it this year or not but people have been so nice about it so i'm very glad i'm doing it again. so, thank you and snowy greetings!


Ska vi följa varandra via bloglovin? :)

SENJA said...

beutifull blog

Chatrin Loov said...

Åh, jag har något svagt minne av den där julkalendern, växte upp i skåne så vi tittade ganska mycket på dansk tv...

Detta är dock min bästa julkalender!

Annick Gaudreault said...

Love your blog!