This was the last time christmas looked just like it has all of my childhood. Every year in the same house, in the same rooms, the same sofa where you sit and wait for Santa to come with the presents. Even the tree looks like it always has. This summer my parents are moving, and maybe because home means so much to me -the physical place you call home- It is difficult for me to come to terms with loosing my childhood home. On the other hand. Next year we will celebrate Christmas in our home. It is going to be different, but I know a lot of traditions can and will be translated from the giant house where I grew up to the very small place I call home now.


Irene said...

I can imagine how you feel. Your parents' flat looks really, really nice and home is always a very special place. said...

Det er hårdt men sundt tror jeg. Det er godt at gøre noget andet og skabe sine egne traditioner! Jeg skal stadig lige finde ud af hvordan vores jul skal være herhjemme. Min far døde i år 2010, så dette var vores anden jul i vores eget hjem. Det føles stadig lidt mærkeligt og nyt, men det er dejligt at gøre det på "vores" måde... Også selvom min far stadig mangler rigtig meget!

Chapter 9 said...

Ahh, this post made me feel a bit teary - I'm sorry you will be losing your childhood home - I know it's good to move forward, & I'm sure it will be an exciting new chapter for your parents, & starting new traditions with your own little family will be lovely - but I'm a nostalgic kind of girl at heart :)
I found your post very moving Xx