Elinor made some of our Christmas presents this year. Wish I saved some for myself.


Emma - EoE diary said...

What a fun and adorable idea! I might have to borrow it so my son can have a go :)
I love your photos by the way and how they make your blog stand out from all others.

Misislau said...

OMG, your baby looks so sweet with the little rubber boots!


Jayne said...

Her little tights and gumboots are so sweet :D

Anonymous said...

Det er simpelthen godt at kunne kigge med i din blog!

Det er lidt ude af kontekst - men jeg ved at du har været i berlin mange gange, og tænkte på om du kan anbefale et hotel/hostel i Berlin?

mange hilsner,

Carmen said...

L'única estrella que prenc per guia és la de gaudi i de la música.
Feliç any 2012!!

emma said...

love. the. colours. in. the first pic.
clementine! :D