also good

These are two other pretty good gifts: Very exciting, I got this Umami paste from my sister and her husband. Umami is the fifth taste after sour, bitter, and salty and is often added to dishes with MSG which can cause a lot of trouble -including migraines which I sometimes suffer from. But this Umami paste is made with out any a additives. Instead it consists of: tomato puree, garlic, anchovies, black olives, balsamic vinegar, porcini mushrooms, parmasan, citric acid, olive oil, sugar and salt. So far i like it in pasta dishes and sandwiches! I also bought a peppermill with a giftcard I got - i have been missing a peppermill for years. ▶ Siri: Happy new years to you too! I love that the tote bag is so useful!
▶ Likemybike: So happy you like it here! Would not mind having a famous artist-daughter :)
▶ B: Det lyder godt!
▶ Emma: Ha ha -I am only gonna eat aubergines at my yellow table
▶ Mia Frida: Uh I am not sure -will look into scanning -but you should look up the magazine too :)
▶ Niki: I know, I was very moved -she has the best day care
▶ Anonymous 1: Yeah that sounds like a great idea! The knife magnets are from the brand Eva Solo, but I have added the colored folio on top.
▶ Anonymous 2: Don't cry! I promis my life is full of boring and hard everyday stuff too! :)
▶ Eva: It is s u p e r easy to make sushi! go do it!
▶ Allesistgut: And to you too!
▶ Flora: I just had an exam yesterday! So now there is one less to go before I am all done. Have one more this january
▶ Linn Maria: ah en dug er en god ide også! håber hele min familie bliver glad for hjemmelavede gaver i år!
▶ Tess: Yes - a lot of my friends had a hard time imagining it before they saw it the first time
▶ Thale: no, because they were actually quite dry cause we did not have enough butter.
▶ Lisen: yes -I think the tote bag idea is brilliant -so useful!


Anonymous said...

The Usami tube looks like an oil painting tube. :) But I bet the content tastes better! The peppermill is really nice!
Have a nice day!

charlotte said...

such great gifts. we use that umami paste in so many dishes, it's brilliant! happy new year :)

Sewon said...

Ohh my boyfriend received the umami paste for Christmas, too. I'm so excited to use it!

Anette said...

Msg - hvad er det? Spændende pasta, umami for the win!

I'm Polly said...

Happy New Year! I love the paste too, I put a little in all sorts of dishes.