We have received a lot of great art this christmas:
1/ D and I gave each other this Jason Jägel MF DOOM limited edition print - Last year around christmas we got this one
 2/ We got this amazing animal print from my sister and her family for christmas. It is from an antique german book of african animals and my sister went through all sorts of craziness to find the book. I love how the animals are stacked on top of each other. so beautiful.
3/ Elinor got this print from my sister and her family. It is by some of my favourite Danish illustrators Hvass & Hannibal -you should really check out their work! -I need to go to Ikea and get some more frames
4/ The last one we got for our birthdays (same givers :)) It is made by - hold on - My brother-in-laws little sisters boyfriend! An elephant within an elephant ▶ I'm Polly: I used it in risotto yesterday - I see a bright future for me and umami
▶ Anette: Det er 'det tredje krydderi' - smagsforstærker
▶ Sewon: It seems really smart to have umami in this way
▶ Charlotte: I am surprised how many people know it! I had never seen it before
▶ allesistgut: Yeah I think it is a very clever packaging


Vesle Serena said...

So nice to get art for christmas! Takk for tipset om Hvass & Hannibal, har sett deres arbeid før, men visste ikke at det var dem! (bl.a. på en cd av Efterklang) og Elefant-tegningen er bare så morsom ;)

SpdZ said...

Hey, we have the same print of MF DOOM! But then the poster version, what came with an album a few years ago. It's hanging above our couch in the livingroom, like it alot!

Anki said...

Wow, they're all great! Yesterday I told my husband that I'd really like to have more walls, so I could give all the pretty prints we have a good spot, haha! Looks like you need more walls too! Enjoy the weekend.