Hvass og Hannibal

The print E got for christmas reminded me how cool the two artists Hvass and Hannibal is! I have been a fan for many years and one thing I really like about them is their ability to have very distinctive style and still do a lot of very different things! That is maybe one of the most important qualities if you work creatively - to be able to do something new but still keep 'your voice' Stay tuned for lots of new things here on thursday when this blog turns 4 and things change! ▶ Emy: I found it by chance in a toy store and think it has a remarkable minimalism
▶ Mirthe: I made a guide a long time ago, but really all I can tell you is that it is very very easy once you have all the ingredients in house
▶ Maja: Tak -køkkenet er fra Ikea. Det er fem år gammelt så jeg ved ikke om de har de samme, men jeg mener det hed applåd. Vi har selv boret hullerne til greb
▶ Sofia: Tusind tak for den søde kommentar!


hand me down said...

Im selling comme des garcons, acne, weekday and carin wester right here:


lotte said...

uuuuh! i really, really like the first pic! and looking forward of chages. greetz, lotte. :)

SpdZ said...

Wow, very cool post!

Charlotte, Anknel and Burblets said...

Wow! I love all of it.
The print, the food, the room!!!

Looking forward to Thursday :)


Ella said...


I'm Polly said...

I'm also looking forward to Thursday to see what changes you have in store! Also I just added you to my list of favourite blogs - always so fun and fresh over here : )