Today is the first monday of 2012 that feels more or less like a regular monday. Even though I had an exam last week it feels like I have been on vacation until today. The rest of january will be lots of studying and work -but don't worry, I won't forget about you guys. I have something special planned later in the week when the blog turns 4! ▶ Astrid: You guys, the readers, are so so important to me! It is not 'why' I blog, but it is what makes it fun!
▶ Niki: You are right - I love that they have a very timeless feel to them
▶ Irene: Exactly -good mix of the practical and the sentimental
▶ Siri: It is called Pin-Gu-Dil :)
▶ Sara: Præcis! En meget meget god funktion!
▶ Lisen: Yes! I love it - I really like the idea of building your own animal - so far E finds it most fun to find the right combination, but I think she will like the other aspect when she gets older.


EMY said...

the ambulance! ^^ Favorite!

Maja said...

Sikke en fin ambulance. Jeg har et "køkken-spørgsmål", hvor er jeres køkkenskabe fra? Kh Maja

Sofia said...

Vilka otroligt fina bilder - speciellt ambulansen! Tack för att du inspirerar med färg så här i vintermörkret. :-)

Mendruga said...

Rufus! I<ehim

Mendruga said...

I love him