new years eve

As you may know, I'm not really into new years eve. Once I thought it was because the whole thing gets too build up, but now I think its because it just feels like a night where its better to stay in -I don't like how the rest of the world (not you!! :)) act on new years. Luckily having a two year old and a dog makes it even more appropriate to stay in (though I did the same before they were around).
So for us New Years eve is a night to be together just the three(+ rufus) of us after a Christmas full of people, its a night to eat delicious food, have ice cream (Elinor talked about that for days), watch a good movie and try to ignore the fire works. Last night I made a sushi feast -the most delicious tuna and crispy rolls (deep fried maki)! I was sure we had way way too much for the three of us, but E ate like a grown man and loved it. Now I think I will ice cream for lunch. ▶ Anki: Thank you and you too!
▶ Anonymous: Bare rolig, det hører vi temmelig ofte -heldigvis er det sandt
▶ Linn Maria: We only have a pitcher with the same black and white moomin print, which is my favourite -though I would love the cup with Moomins dad. Maybe I can get it "for Elinor" since he is her favourite character.
▶ H: those are my favourite too -I really love the older moomin drawings best
▶ SpdZ: thank you and thank you -I think we are gonna stick with the yellow for a while and see if I get used to it :9
▶ Niki: Glad you like it -I loved the old one very much, but it is quite worn down
▶ Mirna: Thank you, I, of course, think so too
▶ Sewon: Isn't it cool that we have two? both vintage found at different times by D
▶ Malene: Tror man skulle have lavet et indlæg pr måned! Godt nytår!
▶ Stuffed mice: Happy New Years
▶ Irene: Yes I think so too! It is cool to be asked for stuff like that
▶ Camille: You too!
▶ Stefanie: Have a lovely break!


Hello Sandwich said...

That looks incredible Mette! You can open a cute coffee / sushi place in Tokyo! I agree - there were so many crazy people out in Sydney on NYE. People smashing bottles and people drinking out of bottles of wine inside plastic bags on the bus! terrible. ewww. Happy New Year. xoxo

Misislau said...

wow these sushi has a exquisite pint!

happy new year!


SpdZ said...

That sounds like the perfect new years eve to me :) And those pictures.... oh my... I'm getting hungry!

Ida said...

Det lyder ikke som en dum måde at tage afsked med 2011 på. Mmm har i forvejen lyst til sushi, og dine billeder hjælper bestemt ikke på sagen!

Katrine said...

Godt nytår Mette! Din sushi ser sindssygt lækker ud! Kan godt forstå E spiste som en fuldvoksen mand. :)

Victoria Knysh said...

I don't like NY Eve as well, and this year for the first time I was at home with my son and husband, only 3 of us, and it was my best NY Eve ever :)
Happy 2012!!!

Maja said...

Sushien ser virkelig godt ud, gid jeg selv kunne lave det lige så pænt som dig.

gina said...

Could not agree more!
Snug as a bug with the
folks I love best (and
some treats as well)
is the preference for sure.

Here's to high hopes for 2012.

mieke willems said...

sounds so true and familiar! we stayed in also at a friend's place but had to walk home and than it's not nice to see all those drunk and crazy people outside, ugh!

anyway! happy new year to you and your wonderful family!

handmade romance said...

sounds perfect to me! such pretty treats you made too - yummy! wonderful wishes for 2012 to you and your family x

Eva said...

I've always wanted to try making my own sushi but have always been too intimidated...these look so guuuud!

Mirthe said...

super fabulous sushi! that surely looks good. very well made. how do you do it?