Elinor playing with one of her birthday presents -I really love the style of drawing on these! ▶ Vesle Serena: Yes they have done some great album covers and really just a lot of cool projects
▶ Johanna: The bowler hat lamp is exactly the Jeeves one you mention. I could not find a bowler my self and I really like the gold inside
▶ SpdZ: Oh, that so funny! We have the innersleeve from the cd hanging on our kitchen wall -he is really talented
▶ Anki: We have to make a rotation for our art - have some thing up for three or six months and then change everything to bring in what there was not room for :/ Someday I hope to have a big home with lots of walls begging for art


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. It is pretty, inspirational and amazing. I also love that you answer to your comments, it bring a feeling that your readers aren't just insignificant to you.

Lot of hugs from Helsinki,

niki said...

nice gift, I love wooden toys and especially those that are painted, they remind me of my childhood

siri said...

I like them too! Do you know what brand they are? I'd pretend to buy them for my son, but it would secretly be a present to myself ,)

sara said...

fint spel, det är bra med spel man kan spela både tillsammans och på egen hand.

Lisen said...

got this link from a friend today:

similar idea, brilliant!